Comic 80 - 051
16th Oct 2016, 3:07 AM
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Author Notes:
Xailenrath edit delete
So much to tell you all:
First, this comic will be ending in the next few strips! (That only took about 2 and a half years!
Shelterville's been fun! Who knows, I may throw random one-off strips up here, once every blue moon, starring Shelterville citizens, with Ronn Bender and Hogan's kind permission, of course.

That whole train thing that the station master is talking about leads to THIS later on. Without a train, though, how are Quinn, Monroe and Bjorn gonna get out of Shelterville?!!

Remember to keep up with Cowboys & Crossovers, folks!

While I started a second CF site for the random randomness of the Misfits called "Parallel World Tour", earlier this week, I bit the bullet and said "What the hell?", and made the screwy shapeshifters their own website: !
I'll still keep Parallel World Tour going for those interested parties who like to keep things "Strictly ComicFury", but PWT will probably only be updated in sporadic bursts, and feature the one-pagers, fanarts and gag comics. The main site will house ongoing stories and get all new content first, starting in February. For now, it's reposts of various Misfits content that has been seen already, but with new commentary and whatnot, plus the personal Twitter pages of the Misfits, because their cartoonist is obviously batshit insane.

So, tune in to the main site, right now, or in Early Feb 2017!
Don't forget that all my OTHER myriad comic strip brainfarts are housed at XAILENRATH.COM!
User comments:
KAM edit delete reply
So this is ending just before the current Halloween Cameo Caper where Shelterville gets merged with Oz? Or will you have a few gags to do with that?

It's been a fun ride! :-)
Hogan edit delete reply
Talia really has a mean streak too... gotta love her even more now :D

... and even in a Wild West Fantasy interdimensional setting the trains STILL dont run according to schedules! :|