Comic 78 - 049
29th Sep 2016, 12:00 PM
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Author Notes:
Xailenrath edit delete
Dawn breaks over Shelterville.
Aaaaand Cupid's back to being his grouchy old self.

We finally learn Creepy Elf's name - MALLIGUS!!
*thunderclap* *lightningbolt* *horse whinny*

And just like eating from the Tree of Knowledge, everyone finally acknowledges that they're all standing around in their birthday suits.

Don't forget to roam over to Cowboys & CrossOvers to see what the Shelterville Sheriff and his cronies are up to while travelling from parallel universe to parallel universe!

EXTRA NEWS: In practicing for the upcoming adventures of the Misfits of Mischief, I have started a new comic for the sake of their random adventures through space-time, other webcomics, etcetera.
Parallel World Tour!
Look for the trickster trio's own ongoing comic in 2017!
User comments:
KAM edit delete reply
Relieve his eyes of their nudity? Anyone got a couple of eyeforks? ;-)
mhalpern (Guest) edit delete reply
Nah just curse him so that he can't see clothing on any being he isn't sexually repulsed by
Elfguy (Guest) edit delete reply
Presumably they conjure their "Clothes" with their trickster powers, so if you want to get technical they're ALWYAYS "naked" in the sense that the clothes they have on aren't completely real.

Xade edit delete reply
"Ah Ah!"

I dont know if anyone else caught that Jetsons reference but for some reason I've been thinking about it recently. I tweeted about it a while ago. Would have been pretty neat if you could have changfed that Ahem to an ah ah. Here's the reference link on youtube for if you don;t know it just add the youtube site before it.
Xailenrath edit delete reply
Oh, believe me, Xade, I thought about it!
Originally all 3 were gonna just say "eep", but, I too have been thinking about that song lately.
(The Violent Femmes cover is one of my favorite songs ever!)
But, in the end, I thought
A: not many would get the reference. (Big thanks to YOU for getting it!)
B: that just eep-opp-ork was funnier. Rule of 3's.
Elfguy (Guest) edit delete reply
The whole album was a keeper...having Rock bands do covers of Saturday Morning Cartoons themesongs was a genius idea...I like the Butthole Surfers' cover or the Underdog theme.
Xailenrath edit delete reply
*high five*

Also, the Ramones' Spider-Man and Reverend Horton Heat's Johnny Quest/Stop That Pigeon! I could listen to those on loop for hours!