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16th Aug 2016, 4:20 PM
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Author Notes:
Xailenrath edit delete
Looks like Creepy Elf had at least one trick up his sleeve, or rather, in his coat!
I won't lie - After the "We are retribution, we are justice" lines, I almost wrote "We Are Darkwing Duck!", but, I figured that this is at least a semi-serious moment. No jokes. (YET.)

Ol' Creepy may be tougher than we thought. Faced with a burning goat the size of a horse and a gigantic spider, he doesn't run, like any sane Elf would (Like he did on the rooftop), but he reaches into his coat and pulls out THOR'S F*CKIN' HAMMER!!

On that note, you should really be reading Cowboys & CrossOvers
User comments:
KAM edit delete reply
It's hammer time! Doo doo doo doo...
Elfguy (Guest) edit delete reply
How did Creepy become "Worthy" to pick THAT up? I'm betting it's Deadpool's cheap knock-off version that Loki made!
Xailenrath edit delete reply
No one ever specified that one had to be 'good' to be worthy.
Considering the capricious nature of the Gods, Norse Mythology and some of the many ways the legend of Thor and Mjolnir have been portrayed, "Worthy" may mean "Can drink a lot of mead and bed a lot of maidens". Or, just be a really fierce warrior, which, it seems, Ol' Creepy actually IS.

If you're following Cowboys & Crossovers, you know what the elves are up to. Who knows which Multiversal Thor that THIS Mjolnir belongs to?... or what ELSE he's got in that coat!
Elfguy (Guest) edit delete reply
Here's hoping he doesn't have Stormbringer...brr...!
Hogan edit delete reply
Considering I have been brought up with Norse Mythology and knows about a lot of the pieces which are not among the usual stories that goes worldwide, I would say you are spot on :)

The part about being worthy is also something Marvel added, in the original stories it was wielder by Thor because... he was too much a badass to have it taken from him once he had gotten it as a gift!
... though the Giants DID steal it at one point so he had to disguise himself as Freya to get it back :D
Elfguy (Guest) edit delete reply
Yeah, the old "Thor in a dress" scenario that Loki cooked up (in some of the old stories, Loki is actually helpful and more mischievous than evil) IIRC in the original stories, to wield Mjolnir, you had to have the strength of a giant, and Thor also had a magic belt that multiplied his strength quite a bit.

(Cue Vegeta shouting "It's over 9000!!!!!")
Hogan edit delete reply
Lets Get Dangerous! :D