Comic 7 - 06
7th Apr 2015, 8:20 PM
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Author Notes:
Xailenrath edit delete
Our jailed elves may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer, but they do take their Elven pride seriously.
Monroe, Quinn & Bjorn pull off another trick...
Also, it would appear that someone is listening in. How long has he been there?
Long enough to hear the first 2 elves spill their guts to the trio of tricksters... maybe long enough to have heard them spill to the Sheriff.
User comments:
KAM edit delete reply
mhalpern (Guest) edit delete reply
High Elves and their boundless pride, twist a few words and you wont have to pry.
They're filled with such hubris it's humorous, they see themselves so high that they are blind to their fellow's crimes.
Yet they are not so bad if they open their eyes, except for those who are so corrupt that they don't care who lives or who dies.

I noticed as I was typing the first part it rhymed so I went with it.
Xailenrath edit delete reply
The way these gents seemed over in Cowboys & Crossovers, I don't think it would take trickster demigods to trick them into talking, but, luckily we had a few.
I'm more worried about the stern looking elf outside.
(I also realize that you can't see his ears, but he is an elf.)
mhalpern (Guest) edit delete reply
No it wouldn't take trickster demigods to trick them into talking, but these are low rank soldiers, mere pawns, they act out of patriotism and pride, not so much true hate (they see having to talk to someone of a 'lesser' race as a hurt to their pride and an act against their country), like the higher ups and (i suspect) that elf outside.
Xailenrath edit delete reply