Comic 68 - 039
20th Jul 2016, 9:05 PM
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Author Notes:
Xailenrath edit delete
There's just no escape from Monroe when he's on the hunt.
But, then, it seems that in spite of running off, the Creepy Elf is no slouch in the fight department.

A reminder:
read Cowboys and CrossOvers to keep tabs on Sheriff Hank and company while all this mayhem is going on in town!
User comments:
Elfguy (Guest) edit delete reply
Come on, Coyote Boy, break out some Drunken Master style moves on this pointy eared hairdresser!
hkmaly (Guest) edit delete reply
From fortune: "Violence accomplishes nothing." What a contemptible lie! Raw, naked
violence has settled more issues throughout history than any other method ever employed. Perhaps the city fathers of Carthage could debate the issue, with Hitler and Alexander as judges?
Elfguy (Guest) edit delete reply
I think Creepy elf is due for a Ghostbusters "Gozer" Quote from Coyote: