Comic 5 - 04
1st Apr 2015, 12:01 AM
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Author Notes:
Xailenrath edit delete
Good Sheriff Hank seems to be losing his patience with the fast-talking trio of tricksters. Now, our boys are in the Shelterville Jail... in the next cell over from Hank's other prisoners.

(*For those reading Cowboys & Crossovers, chronologically, Hank has already helped Miss Nabob deal with the High Elves on the train, and given the 2 hapless bodyguards the needed anti-venom. THEN Dusty Dave came running in screaming of zombies. Now Monroe, Bjorn & Quinn, found to be behind that have been slapped in the pokey. The Sheriff made a call to one old friend to make sure our trio are on the up-&-up, THEN, he made a call to ANOTHER old friend to deal with this High Elf business. You can see the second call over at Cowboys & Crossovers right now!

*Bjorn's girlie calendar says "BUNS not PUNS".
User comments:
KAM edit delete reply
KAM edit delete reply
I didn't even realize the gal in the calendar was supposed to be Ima. D'oh! Time to get my eyes checked.
Hogan edit delete reply
You and me both... I was just about to comment that this woud be more of a case for the Pun Police than the Fashion Police :D
KAM edit delete reply
Oh, let's not get the Pun Police traveling interdimensionally. I'd fear for the comic community if that happened. ;-)
txinaz edit delete reply
who is ima
Xailenrath edit delete reply
"Ima Pigg", officer in the Pun Police.
The Pun Police can be found in 'The KAMis'.
You can find The KAMics by following KAM's proile, or clicking on the "Bjorn's Girlie Calendar' link in the Author Comment for this strip above.
KAM edit delete reply
Her first appearance

The Pun Police haven't made a lot of appearances, you can find most by clicking Archive over at The KAMics and searching for "pun".