Comic 41 - Quinn's Bio
29th May 2016, 1:53 PM
Quinn's Bio
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Author Notes:
Xailenrath edit delete
Quinn is the more cerebral of the trio of tricksters.
He is very interested in the inner workings of things as well as the esoterica of whatever parallel world the guys land in. Considering his father, it is only natural that he is enamored of the tales of how things came to be, and how they have changed over time.
While Bjorn and Monroe are often bickering amongst themselves about whatever, Quinn will have his nose buried in a book. He often has to be the mediator between the other two, but he loves them both very much and does his best not to take sides.
He is the best among them at verbal trickery and misdirection, though, he himself seems to sometimes drift while observing the form and function of a particular thing, that he kind of loses focus that whatever the thing is may actually be dangerous or inappropriate.

When he's not reading (and sometimes, when he IS), it's only natural that Quinn can be found knitting or crocheting something.

Quinn is the most ambivalent about things, but don't mistake his seeming aloofness for being cold or heartless. He's just... reserved. With Monroe being so passionate about the state of things, and Bjorn being a frenetic horndog, Quinn just figures that it falls to him to play the other side of the emotional spectrum in the name of balance.

He likes weaving and tailoring, dark fairy tales, milkshakes, vodka and juices, 70's and 80's punk, extra rare steak and high places.

Though all 3 of them fear being hunted and captured by their fathers, Quinn, deep down figures that he may get the boys' lives spared, at least from the wrath of his OWN father, by recanting the tales of their numerous adventures in numerous parallel realities. After all, no one loves a good story like Quinn's dad.