Comic 39 - Bjorn's bio
28th May 2016, 6:53 PM
Bjorn's bio
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Author Notes:
Xailenrath edit delete
Bjorn is easily the most carefree of our trio.
It's not that he's careless, simply irreverent of life's problems.
A happy, humpy demigod, he feels that the liberal use of powers and libido can overcome any problem that the mundane world can throw at them. Bjorn is always looking to spread the love. To just about anybody. And Everybody.
Though it may seem that Bjorn is flighty and airheaded and vain, it's only a defense mechanism.
Though the boys are all in danger of being destroyed by their fathers, Bjorn's dad is the only one with a reputation for vengeance and cruelty. His lamebrained demeanor and rampant sex drive is merely his way of coping with his worst fear.
Bjorn almost always seems to bicker with Monroe, as they are both dominant personalities, but with different drives. Bjorn gets along famously with Quinn, though, as, despite Quinn's generally quiet and cerebral manner, they both have the same pervy, rapid fire sense of humor.
Bjorn's standard operating procedure is the trickery of seduction and temptation. he wields pheromones like a blunt instrument and loves to provoke victims by toying with their emotions. Be it anger or lust, Bjorn will make you love him or hate him. Either way, chances are you're playing right into his hands.

Bjorn likes rum, snowboarding, all forms of music that one can shake one's booty to, seafood and, of course, erotic physical contact.