Comic 34 - 033
4th May 2016, 4:11 PM
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Author Notes:
Xailenrath edit delete
Yes, before Sheriff Hank and Company found the poor dead elves in the cell, the Misfits of Mischief did.
(After all, ninja assassins are known for their subtlety. Crashing through walls ain't their style. Angry, worried demigods? Yeah. Walls are toast.)
While the ninjas are wreaking havoc all over Shelterville, the guy who had them silence the elf duo in the jail cell is roaming about, scot free. Can't have that. The boys are on the case.
Will they honor their promise to Sheriff Hank? Will they be all "An Eye For An Eye" and ice the guy they're looking for?
We'll see.

Go read Cowboys & CrossOvers to skip ahead a number of hours and see what's happening with the main story!
User comments:
txinaz edit delete reply
like the wanted poster
Xailenrath edit delete reply
I thought it'd be a nice little touch. I meant to have another in the far left background, but I forgot it. I may go bak and scribble someone in there later.
Hogan edit delete reply
SO seconded! :D
Wheels (Guest) edit delete reply
Stewart just can't resist yanking Hanks chain. Hank is just yanking back a little
Cheerful_Dragon edit delete reply
So the big hole in the wall of the jail cell was not caused by whoever killed the high elves, but rather by the tricksters wanting to see what was going on?
Xailenrath edit delete reply