Comic 31 - 030
4th Jan 2016, 9:39 PM
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Author Notes:
Xailenrath edit delete
Business is concluded.
Bjorn finally got what he'd been craving, and even some extra whiskey.
It seems that Quinn may've even had a little "extra business" with Mona.
Monroe has all the cash the boys earned stuffed in his obviously deeper than they seem pockets.
...and the Station is closed.
Sometimes, ya just can't catch a break.

The skeleton in the window is the Shelterville Station manager. You can see him in the early pages of Cowboys & Crossovers, and he'll probably show up again before it's all over. Go check it out!

What are the trickster trio gonna do until 8am?
User comments:
jamie59 edit delete reply
Drink till they're plastered & loose all their money.
KAM edit delete reply
Well, let's hope those checks don't bounce. ;-)
Mhalpern (Guest) edit delete reply
This isn't Summer, they should be safe