Comic 12 - 11
30th Apr 2015, 2:25 PM
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Author Notes:
Xailenrath edit delete
The boys sure do know how to make an (unexpected) entrance.
Interior: The Silver Pen Saloon, Shelterville's favorite watering hole and social gathering place.
(Off in the distance, Summer Fiveclaw glares in my general direction.)

Meet Droid Y.
He is the barkeep at the Silver Pen.
I first encountered him HERE, in Shelterville's past, via Magical Misfits.

Be sure to check out Cowboys and Crossovers, and/or Cameo Comic to keep up on the adventures of the actual MAIN characters of this story!
User comments:
Fatolbaldguy edit delete reply
Funny as I am here working out the dialog for the next Cowboys and Crossovers I was writing a rabbit pooka joke. Ok maybe joke is to strong a word. Small droll comment? Anyway just to get a plug in for Magical Misfits. Summer Fiveclaw will be by soon the check on the Coffee Shop. So be nice!
KAM edit delete reply
You drop 'em in a blender first. ;-)
Hogan edit delete reply
"Rimshot"! XD