Comic 11 - 10
22nd Apr 2015, 3:36 PM
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Author Notes:
Xailenrath edit delete
Reflecting on circumstances.
So we've found out who the Sheriff talked to in order to let the boys out of jail: Everyone's good friend, Ms. Jenny Everywhere.

For more info on Jenny, you can go HERE or
HERE (which, I think, is the same site) or even

In the sheriff's office communications hub is a wanted poster of an intergalactic super-tyrant called Zentrope. You'll see him later on this year in a comic called AstroLass, which will be hosted on

More fun to come. Stay tuned.
User comments:
Fatolbaldguy edit delete reply
You had me. I couldn't think of who Hank might know that could help the boys. Jenny Brilliant.
Xailenrath edit delete reply
I have been waiting to use Jenny Everywhere in a project.
I am brainstorming a comic starring her for my main website that'll probably come to fruition by the end of the year.
I figured that giving her a cameo here was only fitting, given her nature, and the fact that the first time I
ever drew her was in the original Misfits of Mischief comic. She's been a friend of the boys ever since.
KAM edit delete reply
Isn't there a certain disclaimer that is supposed to run with Jenny Everywhere appearances?
Xailenrath edit delete reply
Yes indeed. Hover your mouse over the strip.
OrlahEhontas edit delete reply
Sneaky! :-D
THE_BEHOLDER edit delete reply
NICE! I love the Jenny Everywhere cameo! Shifter Forever!